Friday, June 23, 2006

Hummer Pictures Finally

OK, here are the Hummer pictures I promised yesterday, but blogger would not comply.
Here is DBF playing with his new toy. The car is actually really big for a remote controlled thing and it's super fast. We have now discovered that it doesn't do well in wet grass. Apparently is clogs the weel's ability to spin. We played with the hummer until the battery wore down. It might have worn down faster because...

The Hummer wrecked into my flower garden. the white thing to the left the the car is the battery that go ejected after it crashed. The chipmunks are probably not very happy about this incident. I expect complaints in the form of an eaten mum in response to this :oP

My parents came in yesterday. DBF and I had dinner with them and my grandparents and then my parents showed us a slide show of their trip to Israel. It was interesting. Grandpa just about fell asleep during it, so once it was over, he went straight to his chair and crashed. I wasn't too far behind. Allergies hit and I was down for the count by 9:30.

I'm taking half a day at work today to go have lunch with my parents. Hopefully it'll be a nice lunch time. They're coming to see my office today, so I guess I better clean up my desk and stuff.

I finished my second pair of voodoo wrist warmers from Knitty. Now it just needs to get cool again so that I can wear them! I picked up the sock and brought it with me this morning. I doubt I'll work on it any, but you never know. Figured it was worth bringing with me.

Knit on...

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