Thursday, June 15, 2006

Yarn Vomit and Playtesting

Will someone please explain to me why I was possessed to start winding a ball of yarn from a misshapen skein two nights ago? I knew I should have a swift. I knew it would take me a while to wind the yarn even if I had a swift, but no, logic does not prevail in my mind! I decided that it wouldn't be too bad. So if anyone has ever wondered what yarn looks like when it throws up, I think I have found out now. It's a misshapen blob of merino yarn that comes spewing out of the beginnings of a nice ball of yarn...

Not much knitting news other than that. I haven't been knitting too much. I'm still crocheting that last sweater sleeve for the betraying blue sweater and I'm still working on the baby kimono. If I would just sit still and knit for an hour, it would be done...nope, not happening. I also started spinning again and have gotten much better at doing that than I was the first time. Sure, there's still slubs, but that's going to happen until I get much, much better at spinning. I've got some nice roving that Erica gave me when she was my secret pal a while back and I need to spin that and dye it. I had gotten so fed up with spinning after my first attempt that the roving and spindle sat there since December...

I picked up a few magazines last night. I really like this one called Creative Knitting. It doesn't tell you what yarn to use for the project, but instead just gives you the yarn weight and lets you do the deciding. Considering I have some stash to reduce, I think I like this. I already saw one shirt I want to make and there just might be two in there that I want to throw together. Interesting magazine to say the least.

DBF and I playtested some Magic decks last night. My deck sucks. I thought I had come up with a janky creatureless deck, but that didn't work the way I wanted it to. It's OK though, I'll try to work on it some more and make it better. Either that or I'll save the swamps in the deck and build a green/black aggro deck... Weenies seem to be winning a lot in the tournament scene. I do love creature based decks after all.

After DBF kicked my arse at Magic, we went to hit some golf balls in leiu of playing golf this weekend. I've never been out on a golf course before. My clubs have only seen the driving range. This should be quite an experience. His uncle is an avid golfer and he's turning 70 this weekend, so he's having the whole family over to play in a golf scramble. DBF and I keep hoping we're the last group because we know that the two of us suck and that one other guy in our group probably isn't that great at golf, but you never know. We'll see. I'll take pictures and post about that on Monday.

In the meantime, have a great weekend everyone. Don't forget about the contest link to the right (I'm going to keep reminding you people of that!). Don't try to wind balls of yarn from bad skeins, and don't build creatureless Magic decks unless you think you have a trick that will win every game!

Knit on...

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