Monday, June 12, 2006

World Wide Knit In Public Day

While I did not participate in the local SnB WWKIPD event, I did knit in public on that day. The reason for not knitting with them? Magic. There was a Grand Prix Trial event that DBF and I went to. I did miserably, but it could have been worse. I ended up with two dual lands out of it, so my tournament was paid for and then some by just those two cards. Now I'm all about ebay, getting the rest of the cards I need for the biggest gaming conference in the eastern USA. So, here's the recap for June 10.

Early in the morning...DBF and I stop off at chik-fil-a. Yes, I am eating and yes I am knitting. It's a public place, so I decided it should be knit in. I worked on a dishcloth all day just so that I could do mindless knitting and not worry about following a pattern of any sort.

I had to throw away vegetarianism for the day. You see, Magic players are usually not too health conscious. It's OK. I was able to scarf down those little chiken nugget biscuit things without getting sick. The hashbrowns were very good too I might add :oP After eating some breakfast, DBF and I hit the road to the Magic tournament.

After registering my deck, I started to knit again in public. I got quite a few stares, but I don't know if they were from the knitting or from the really tight World Wide Knit in Public Day tee I was wearing. Tight shirts show off boobage, did anyone know that? :oP Works great in magic tournaments when you're trying to kick arse.

First round, I won 2-0. Second round, I had to mulligan down to four cards for the first game, and second game I was trying to come back and pull something out, but didn't quite work. I was at table one for a brief moment at least. Third round, I have to play DBF! WTF? Anyways, we took a draw and grabbed some grub at subway. Fourth round I have to play the best female magic player in the state...I lost needless to say. She crippled me with a psychic drain that ended up getting rid of every big thing in my deck, including the only way I had to get anything back from my graveyard. I should have scooped then, but we played it out. I dropped after being 1-2-1 for the day. Blah, terrible showing. DBF played in round 5 and had to play the chick I had to play before. He lost and then dropped and she dropped which pissed us both off to no end...anyways...

After that, we left to go find a disc golf course that we had looked up on the internet. Since it was close to the tournament site, we headed there. I shot a 2 over par and DBF shot a 2 under par. Not too bad for our first time at that course. So of course it's a public place...I knit in public and blogger won't let me upload any more pictures for this post. I'm really starting to hate blogger...I'll try to post the picture later on when it might let me...

Knit on...

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