Tuesday, June 20, 2006

The looong weekend

Yep, I ended up taking yesterday off from work to allow myself a nice 4 day weekend mini-vacation. It was very tiring, but it was something different at least. The pictures are coming, but I have to get my film developed, so we know how long that might take...I'll try to pick up the film tomorrow sometime. It all started on Friday...

DBF and I travelled to his cousin's house to play some golf in celebration of his cousin's 70th birthday. There were a few of us playing golf that day and DBF and I got paired with the two Chris's, one of whom was Brian's other cousin. We were super rushed while playing on Friday and since I had never played golf on a real course before, I was moving kind of slow. We had people in front of us and people behind us, so Chris suggested we skip a hole. By the time we got to tee off at the next hole, the other people had caught up to us. This is how it was the rest of the day. It wasn't much fun on Friday. I shot a 138 for my first time playing golf. I guess it could have been much worse.

Saturday we played golf again, only this time it was a scramble tournament. We were paired with two guys that I had never met before and one of them was uber competitive. Well, we gave it our best shot and we ended up winning the tournament! I couldn't believe it. What's even better is that DBF and I were able to both contribute to that win and not just be carried by the other two. No one believes that, but it actually is true.

Saturday night was DBF's cousin's birthday party which included miles of food, rivers of beer, and at least four cakes. We won a door prize (a ceramic snowman...yippee...) and drank and ate our hearts out. We were both so tired by the end of the night that the air mattress actually sounded very good that night. I did squeeze some knitting and some poker in over the weekend though.

Sunday we left around noon and went to a butterfly garden exhibit on the way home. It was pretty neat. They had butterflies from Australia that would just fly around and would land on your hand and stuff. I hope my pictures turn out well from that. We then went home, played some magic and crashed. It was a long weekend.

When I tried to wake up yesterday for work, it just wasn't happening, so I called in. I slept in and then cleaned like a mad woman since my parents are coming in to town later this week. Gotta get stuff in order and cleaned up for sure. It's my grandparents' 50th anniversary this weekend, so we're throwing a big party. I better take some knitting with me. I wonder if they would get mad if DBF and I played Magic while they had their concert...I imagine so...

Last night I played poker and went out quickly as I usually do at the free events. DBF had a good stack of chips when I left, so hopefully he did well. I went home and finished seaming the betraying blue tee. I ran out of yarn to do the side panels, so it's just too small. Nothing is going to change that unless I drop the weight I'm supposed to. Hopefully I will. I don't want to drop any bust size, but I'm going to have to in order for the shirt to fit comfortably. It looks really cute though!

I got another 20 rows knit on my homespun shawl too, so it was a productive knitting weekend. I think today I will work on my pair of voodoo wrist warmers and try to finish those up. It's getting to be the end of the month and I need some finished projects to show for it!

Well, I better get to work. Gotta get caught up from the weekend.

Knit on...

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