Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Fish Eggs

As was promised yesterday, here is the picture of me knitting on the disc golf course:

Hooray! Blogger let me post a picture...blah. Anyways, on to today's developments.

Last night I worked on organizing and taking inventory of all my magic cards. I need to know what I'm lacking for decks I want to build so that I can pick up the cards on ebay. I don't think I'll be getting any Voidslimes anytime soon...geez. The card is going for as much as a dual land...anyhoo. I played some poker and lost miserably. I came home and worked on some cards again. I knit a little more on my dishcloth and baby kimono. Then I looked at my fish tank.

The birds and the bees were all around my tank last night. I had started to believe that Purl was actually a male paradise fish because her tail had started to grow pretty long (unusual for a female). Well, all doubts were laid to rest when I saw her and Knit getting it on and producing a massive amount of little paradise fish eggs at 11 last night. There were still some left in the tank this morning, but you could tell that some had been eaten. I had to swat Purl away so she would stop eating her eggs. It was interesting at least.

I'm sure when I get home this evening there will be no more eggs. I wasn't ready to start breeding the fish because I don't have a breeding tank, no fry food, nada. Maybe next time I'll be more prepared. Or I'll say screw it and let them do their own thing. It was still interesting to watch at least. On the bright side, Purl is now much skinnier. I thought the dumb fish was just getting obese. Turns out she was full of eggs. Gotta keep an eye out for that next time in case I want to breed them the way you should so you actually get some little fishies out of it.

Computers are supposed to be out at work today and all my bosses are gone. This means:

1. Sort Magic cards

2. Finish crocheted sweater

3. Spin the roving I brought in

4. Sleep

5. Get a little work done

And don't forget about the Diabetes Awareness contest. The link is at the right under my profile. You still have over half a month to post a comment and win yarn, or a bath and body works gift card, or magic sleeves (if you don't play Magic, I'll substitute it with some other yarny thing).

Knit on...

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