Wednesday, June 07, 2006

The Great Blue Betrayal

I am nearly done with the blue tee that turns out is too small. I'm on sleeve number one and I'm half way done with that. I should finish one sleeve and move to the next on lunch break today. After much cursing yesterday, I think I have decided on how to make this tee bigger without having to rip out the whole thing (which is not happening, in case you were wondering...)

I'm going to put in a side panel on each side. Nothing fancy. Last night I talked about doing a lacy thing on the sides and after picturing my love handles sticking out of lace, I have decided against that idea. Instead, I'll crochet a couple of quick side panels to add enough relaxing to the sweater so that I can wear the dumb thing. I panicked last night too thinking that I wouldn't have enough yarn to make side panels. Turns out that I have a shawl that I made out of the blue crayon yarn and that I really don't like anyways. So, me thinks it will be ripped out and turned into my fat, er, side panels.

I'm still frustrated by the sweater. How did I measure this sucker that wrong from the git-go? Something went wrong and I think it was me and chaining the first foundation row...blah.

I didn't work on anything else last night at Stitch and Bitch except the dumb blue tee. I did at one point pull out the sari silk baby kimono, but after fondling the yarn some, I realized it was time to go.

I have two knit kits coming in from Morehouse Farm Merino. I can't decide which one to make first. I'm thinking of this one first since it's lacy and would be cooler to make over the summer. I had to get this because it's call Fiddlehead Scarf. DBF and I go to photography competitions and one of our favorite things to photograph are fiddlehead ferns.

I definitely can't wait to finish this little guy too. He'll get some comments at work for sure :oP

I think today is moving day at work. I will have to move all my crap into a cubicle. Turns out they need my office now. Oh well. I hope I can fit all my yarn and Magic player's guides into the cubicle...

Knit on...

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