Monday, June 05, 2006

Meme Monday

1.My favorite yarn to knit with is: Currently Morehouse Farms Merino anything

2.I really do not enjoy knitting with: crappy acrylic yarn

3.If I had a choice, I would banish this yarn from my LYS novelty yarns: Fun Fur

4.If I could knit only one more project for the rest of my life, it would be: not happening

5.My favorite flower is: Tulips

6.My current color obsession is: true blue

7.My other interests are: Magic: the Gathering, DnD, books, disc golf

8.Something I wish I knew more about is: How to build a good Magic deck...

9.A knitting technique I want to learn is: Irish Cottage Knitting

10.My favorite needles to knit with are: Addi Turbos

11.Do you knit socks? I'm attempting too

12.Where would you like to visit? Anywhere in the World, starting with Ireland and Spain

13.What was your favorite childhood movie? Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory

14.What is one thing in your knitting bag that you can't live without? My little sheep tape measure

15.What is lacking in your notions bag that you really, really want? I want some DPN holders so my sock will stop falling off the needles

16.What is currently on the needles at your house? Sock, voodoo wrist warmers for me, lace homespun shawl, sunglass case, and on the hook is a blue tee.

17.If you could do nothing but knit all day, every day, for the next month (and get paid for it!), what would you knit? Sweaters

18.Least favorite color(s): Red, yellow

19.Favorite genre of music? Classic Rock, country, new age

20.Favorite candy or sweet: Blizzards of any type

21.What is the most challenging thing you have ever knit? Olympic Sweater because I hate Homespun so much

22.How long have you been knitting? One year in July

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Tricotine said...

Great Meme! :)

Hey! I like True Blue too!