Tuesday, June 27, 2006

I am still alive

My parents left this morning to head back home, so things are quieting down some here at the Magic Girl residence. I have knit on the sock, the shawl, the secret possible AntiCraft submission, a new shawl, and baby kimono. I have made little progress on any of them. I doubt I will be making much progress on them now since I'm getting ready for my vacation. I might post first thing when I get back, but you more than likely won't hear random musings until after July 4 when I get back and have a day of rest. I'm tired now, so I'll be needing that rest I think.

Anyways, it was a nice visit with the parental units. Mom ended up taking the blue crocheted tee because it fit her like it was designed just for her. I'm glad it worked out like that. I tried to force dishcloths on them, but they are so spoiled by that dishwasher of theirs that they don't want any more. They are still using the same ones from Christmas. Now holiday patterns are fine, say through February, but you'd think they might want something else come June. Oh well.

I'm going to continue popping the caffeine into my veins and get some work done before the end of the day tomorrow. Then it's vacation time!

Knit on...

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